By Susie Isaacs

ISBN-10: 1402206682

ISBN-13: 9781402206689

ISBN-10: 1402220200

ISBN-13: 9781402220203

Secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner

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Bring-In: A mandatory bet by the player dealt the lowest upcard to start the first round of betting in seven-card stud or seven-card stud high-low split. If more than one player has the same rank of low card, then the suits in alphabetical order—clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades—determine who must start the action. The lowest card in the deck is the deuce of clubs. ” Button: A round white disk used to represent the dealer position; also referred to as a dealer button. This marker rotates clockwise around the table for the purpose of indicating from what position the cards are dealt.

You then take a seat, usually chosen at random. 56. You will start with low-limit blinds, usually $5-$10 and play this level for fifteen or twenty minutes after which the blinds will increase, probably to $10-$20. 57. The blinds will continue to increase and you will have a potty break every couple of hours. If you are in a rebuy tournament (if you go broke you can rebuy and get more chips), the rebuys will end after a designated amount of time, usually the first hour, which equates to the first three or four rounds.

Hand selection and which position you enter the pot from are very important in limit hold’em. Raising from any position with the top three hands, A-A, K-K, and Q-Q is always a good bet. LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’EM 27 16. A-A and K-K are worth a reraise if it has been raised when the action is on you. If you are in late position with A-A and the pot has been raised and reraised when the action gets to you, put in a third bet. At this point you have the nuts and need to play it thusly. 17. Other big hands such as K-A (big slick), JJ, Q-A, or 10-10 need to be played a bit more carefully.

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