By Suzanne Martin

ISBN-10: 0756628563

ISBN-13: 9780756628567

No time to workout? No challenge! DK's new 15-Minute health sequence promises all of the instruments you must squeeze normal workout into your lifestyles. This outstanding new layout deals: 4 certain gatefolds for simple, step by step guide; a DVD to stroll you thru every one regimen; and a fully-illustrated, fully-annotated booklet that can assist you ideal your strategy. opt for one in all 4 entire mini-workouts on a daily basis to focus on a selected a part of the physique, and to boost, stretch, and construct your strategy to a extra toned, more fit you.

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Hold the abs firmly in press the lower back against the floor 12 Now stroke the right thigh from bottom to top with the right hand, as if you were stroking a cat. Reach out past the knee with the middle finger. Stroke 6 times, then intensify the last stroke. Lower the upper body to the floor, then change arms to repeat, using the left hand and stroking the left thigh 6 times. reach past the knee with the middle finger revitalizing the back >> 52 >> coordinating leg circles 13 Lie on your right side in a straight line.

If you can’t sit up straight, sit on a book or pillow. Line your head up directly over your pelvis. Place your hands behind your head and feel the “V” of strength running in a line from your lower back up and out of your elbows. Take your navel to your spine (see p. 17). lift the skin of the lower back upward place soles of the feet on the floor reach up with the top elbow feel it here keep the ribs lifted on the lower side— don’t collapse >> developing the back 14 Lift up and over an imaginary fence with the right ribs as you reach the right elbow toward the right knee.

Cross your wrists in front of you, then swing them up to your head with your palms facing outward. 2 Swing your hands back and behind your hips so they touch together. Rhythmically swing your arms up and back using this motion 7 more times. keep the chest up lengthen the waist swing the hands back >> revitalizing the back >> balancing leg swing 3 Stand tall with your hands on your hips. Balance on your right leg, using a hand on a piece of furniture to support you if you need. Hold your hip firm on your right leg.

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