By Matt Kindt

An all-new global battle II period undercover agent mystery that spans not just the globe, yet time besides - from England to Spain and from historic Roman occasions during the period of Pirates and Buccaneers. This bold secret agent tale is the backdrop for the original story of 2 sisters, their dating and the secrets and techniques they proportion.

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Quiller works with a stunning green-eyed English woman, a tender black police lieutenant, and a hugely paid anchorwoman to resolve a case of worldwide significance and direct results for the U. S. presidential election.

Like his opposite numbers James Bond and Matt Helm, Quiller is a undercover agent survivor of the '60s. seeing that his debut 1 / 4 century in the past within the Edgar-winning The Quiller Memorandum , Hall's agent-with-no-first-name has conducted his assignments for "the Bureau," a top-secret British counter-intelligence organisation, with an potency and emotional detachment that's straight away chilling and interesting. other than the needful involvement with attractive ladies on each project, Quiller exhibits few of his peers' idiosyncrasies; the job's the article to Quiller, and the activity this time takes him to Miami, the place the Bureau's station agent has started behaving surprisingly. No faster does Quiller arrive than the fellow disappears, and the shadowy outlines of an enormous and scary mind-control conspiracy start to floor. This taut, refined mystery comprises Quiller within the American presidential crusade, a large-scale cocaine smuggling operation and a community of Mafia killers, who threaten his lifestyles and (worse but from his perspective) create a powerful threat that he'll be pulled off the task earlier than it really is complete. A sure-fire pleaser for espionage fans.

"No one, no longer Fleming, now not Clancy, nobody does it larger than Adam corridor. His complete Quiller sequence is way and away the easiest of the genre`.
Search via used bookstores to discover his past works. they're well worth the time and effort.

"Quiller, production of Adam corridor (Elleston Trevor's non de plume) is a mystery agent's undercover agent. he's provided missions worldwide and he executes them. He stocks all his fears and suggestions with us. corridor has a special manner of creating suspense with hiss use of sentence constitution. magnificent books of which Quiller Barracuda is an efficient instance. "

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Charles Thoroughgood is now the recently-appointed leader of a reconstituted MI6, married to his predecessor's widow and tasked with halting the more and more disruptive cyber assaults on Britain, that are threatening govt itself and all of the common transactions of way of life - let alone a lacking nuclear missile-carrying submarine.

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Op-Center occupied him an average of twelve hours most days, and sometimes-- during a hostage situation or stakeout-- exactly double that. It wasn't fair that it should also hold him prisoner in the small hours of the night. As though you've got a choice. From his earliest days as an investment banker through his stint as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to running one of the world's most bizarre and intoxicating cities, he had always been a prisoner of his mind. Of wondering if there was a better way to do something, or a detail he might have overlooked, or someone he forgot to thank or rebukeĀ… or even kiss.

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