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Weve all heard of pyramids, hieroglyphs and Cleopatra, yet how a lot do you actually learn about historic Egypt? Why used to be the Nile indispensable to the unification of Egypt? what's the secret surrounding Queen Hetepheres tomb? What did the Amarna Letters show? What did the traditional Egyptians consume and drink? 30-Second historical Egypt offers a special perception into probably the most outstanding and beguiling civilizations, the place technological recommendations and architectural wonders emerge between mysterious gods and burial rites. each one access is summarized in precisely 30 seconds utilizing not anything greater than pages, three hundred phrases and a unmarried photo. From royal dynasties and Tutankhamuns tomb, to hieroglyphs and mummification, interspersed with biographies of Egypts so much exciting rulers, this can be the fastest route to figuring out the 50 key principles and thoughts that constructed and outlined one of many worlds nice civilizations.

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RELATED HISTORIES THE NILE EGYPT’S NEIGHBORS 3-SECOND BIOGRAPHIES GERTRUDE CATON-THOMPSON 1888–1985 English archaeologist AHMED FAKHRY 1905–1973 Egyptian archaeologist and Egyptologist; Director of Desert Researches, Egyptian Antiquities Service 1944–1950 30-SECOND TEXT Nicholas Picardo Deserts were dangerous places, but provided rich resources of rocks and minerals. In contrast, agriculture and civilization could thrive in the oases. RISE OF THE STATE the 30-second history Egypt is geographically divided between the verdant Delta in the north—Lower Egypt—and the narrow strip of arable land—Upper Egypt—in the south.

From here, we shift the focus to many aspects of Egyptian society, professional life, and thought. Science, Medicine & Technology takes us into the realm of the technicians, while Thought & Belief reveals Egyptian religion and the mortuary realm. Sculpture, painting, and the world of letters are the subject of Art & Culture, while our final chapter looks at Life & Society, from family roles and relations to food preparation and bureaucratic administration. Sprinkled throughout the chapters are special two-page “biographies” that illuminate the lives and careers of some of ancient Egypt’s most intriguing individuals.

The subject (almost always male) squats on the ground with his knees drawn up to his chest. In one type, arms, legs, and torso are enveloped in a cloak providing space for inscriptions. burial cache A collection of items found stored and sealed together in or near a burial or tomb chamber for safekeeping. burial shaft A deep rectangular pit usually dug vertically into the ground that was accessed through the roof of a tomb on ground level. The deceased body and burial goods were usually placed in a chamber at the bottom of the shaft.

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