By Gnaedig P., Honyek G., Riley K.F.

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The Ottoman–Iranian frontier was largely political, not ethnic. By converting Iran to Twelver Shi’ism, Ismail Shah created national religious identity upon which Safavid subjects could differentiate themselves from Ottoman subjects. He tolerated little complaint. According to some historians, he declared in his coronation that any reversion to Sunni practices would be punishable by decapitation. His supporters roamed the streets cursing the original successors of the Prophet Muhammad whom they accused of 24 E ternal Iran illegitimately bypassing ‘Ali.

The telegraph system also helped Iran develop economically. The telegraph network was necessary for the development of modern banking, longdistance commercial negotiations, including the trade concessions that left their mark not only on Iran’s economy, but also on her diplomacy and internal politics. International trade followed the telegraph, allowing small, desert cities like Yazd in central Iran to develop a thriving commercial relationship with India and beyond. Trading companies sprang up in Tabriz, Bushehr, and Tehran.

11 Nasir al-Din Shah When Muhammad Shah died in 1848, his 18-year-old son became shah. A contemporary of Queen Victoria, Nasir al-Din Shah would rule Iran for nearly fifty years. Compared with his immediate predecessors, he enjoyed greater central control and, consequently, greater obedience from his provincial governors. This internal calm even allowed the shah to travel abroad several times during his reign, a luxury his predecessors never imagined. He presided over a time of great change, modernization, increasing contact with the West, and disastrous military defeat and yet, despite the turbulent times, he was able to maintain a stability of rule greater than that of the famous Shah Abbas.

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300 puzzling physics problems by Gnaedig P., Honyek G., Riley K.F.

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