By Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.

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Historic Egypt used to be one of many longest-lasting civilizations the realm has ever identified. This publication explores Egypt's huge political, fiscal, social, and cultural advancements, from the effective civilization of the earlier to the varied cultural and political panorama, protecting virtually 6,000 years of historical past.

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Shiite Muslims (including the Fatimids, who ruled Egypt from 969 to 1171) believe that Ali and his descendants should have succeeded Muhammad. Sufism is organized Islamic mysticism. A Sufi can be either Sunni or Shiite. Many Egyptians, past and present, have made Sufism a major part of their lives. 40 PERSIAN, GREEK, ROMAN, AND ARAB RULE the right to seek revenge for Uthman’s death. Fighting broke out between those who supported Ali and those who supported Muawiya. The conflict resulted in Ali’s assassination.

She then married the Mamluk commander, Aybak (r. 1250–57), who soon took power. His major accomplishment was to halt the Mongol conquest of the Middle East at the Battle of Ayn Jalut (in present-day Israel) in September 1260. Two years earlier the Mongols had taken Baghdad, destroyed what had once been the Sultans, amirs, and indeed former mamluks all purchased boys, converted them to Islam, housed them in barracks, and subjected them to intensive training in cavalry tactics and military discipline.

Fatimid rule in Egypt lasted from 969 to 1171. The area controlled by the Fatimids usually included Libya, Syria, Palestine, and the Hejaz, or western Arabia. The first century of Fatimid rule saw general prosperity. Egypt’s peasants continued to produce a surplus of grain that could be sold throughout the Mediterranean world, as well as flax, which supported a thriving linen industry. Egypt was a center of long-distance trade, with thriving ports on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Most of the Fatimid caliphs adopted a tolerant policy toward Egypt’s Copts, Jews, and Sunni Muslims.

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