By Paulo Cesar Sandler

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The ultimate publication within the three-volume sequence, A medical program of Bion’s Concepts is split in 4 components. half I, throughout the relief of a transdisciplinary examine among psycho-analysis, arithmetic, and physics, proposes 4 increased diversifications of Bion’s epistemological instrument, The Grid. half II is a research of the main elemental bearings of the psycho-analytic clinic—free institutions and loose floating attention—which evolves from the examine of desires, less than the contributions of Bion (presented in quantity I), in addition to from the learn of the analytic functionality and the functionality of the analyst (presented in quantity II). partially III, Sandler exhibits how the pursuit of fact will be noticeable as one of many reasons of the psycho-analytic research within the sanatorium. half IV offers Sandler’s proposals for increasing the observational strength of current Bion’s theories.

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For life itself, in its “complete” material and psychic existence, is not S C I E N T I F I C R E S E A R C H I N P S Y C H OA N A LY S I S 15 at stake before the time of the baby’s first contact with air to provide oxygenation. Respiration and nourishment come in a readied form from the mother throughout the baby’s pre-natal life. Both are freely given to the unborn child as final products rather than initial stimuli (both external and internal), as happens in post-natal life. Lack of a good enough, real hypothesis leaves some researchers free to imagine.

Why incompletely? Because this incompleteness warrants its evolution: the offered or available breast never can match in an exquisite way, such as the coupling of precisely machined pieces, the “breast pre-concept” which, in the actual movement, will have no way out of being a preconceived breast rather than a pre-concept. From the other side, the unavoidable, real incompleteness provides the no-breast, or a good enough mother as depicted by Winnicott. The no-breast is a frustrating as well as a good enough experience, which allows to the baby to think about the breast when it is absent.

86). 10 A C L I N I CA L A P P L I CAT I O N O F B I O N ’ S C O N C E P T S The “real psychoanalysis” to which we aspire is at best only a reaching out towards that “real psychoanalysis”. But it is real enough to make people aware that there is “something” beyond the feeble efforts of psychoanalyst and analysand. I think it optimistic to suppose that we do more than scratch the surface in our struggles to achieve it. [Bion, 1979a, pp. 509–10] It focuses some states of the analyst’s mind: I suggest that for a correct interpretation it is necessary for the analyst to go through the phase of “persecution” even if, as we hope, it is in a modified form, without giving an interpretation … Again, he should not give an interpretation while experiencing depression; the change from paranoid–schizoid to depressive position must be complete before he gives his interpretation … The interpretation should be such that the transition from knowing about reality to becoming real is furthered.

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