By Eve M. Troutt Powell

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This incisive learn provides a brand new size to discussions of Egypt's nationalist reaction to the phenomenon of colonialism in addition to to discussions of colonialism and nationalism quite often. Eve M. Troutt Powell demanding situations many approved tenets of the binary dating among ecu empires and non-European colonies by means of studying the triangle of colonialism marked by means of nice Britain, Egypt, and the Sudan. She demonstrates how principal the problem of the Sudan was once to Egyptian nationalism and highlights the deep ambivalence in Egyptian attitudes towards empire and the ensuing ambiguities and paradoxes that have been an integral part of the nationalist stream. a special coloration of Colonialism enriches our knowing of 19th- and twentieth-century Egyptian attitudes towards slavery and race and expands our viewpoint of the "colonized colonizer."

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This privileging occurred on many levels as Muhammad `Alï tried to reform the military system of the country, which led to increasing state involvement in the development of education. 6 Similar changes took place in the Sudan, after Muhammad `Alï’s armies conquered it in 1820. 7 When Muhammad al-Tunisï traveled to the sultanate of Därfür, for example, the most concrete knowledge of the Sudan was owned by merchants, most notably the slave traders who regularly traveled the famous darb al-arba`ïn trail.

Given the layers of meaning surrounding these women, there is great irony in the fact that the six slaves left the courtroom and were placed in the Cairo Home for Freed Slaves, an institution created by the British as a sort of training and employment clearinghouse, where manumitted black women could find paying jobs, as domestics, keeping their connection to the institution of the family respectable. Once they left the auspices of this idealizing home, Fatima, Sa`ïda, Halïma, Maräsila, and Maryam also left the historical record and disappeared into, one hopes, better and more stable lives.

And the challenge presented by the Mahdï raised important questions for Islamic reformers and nationalists who envisioned Egypt as a Muslim nation. Thus this chapter explores the articles of the roaming Islamic reformer Jamäl al-Dïn alAfghänï and his Egyptian disciple, Muhammad `Abduh, that discuss the problems posed by the Mahdï for Egypt, which they published in their journal al-`Urwa al-Wuthqa (the Indissoluble Bond) while in exile during the Mahdïya. I also analyze Ya`qüb Sanü`a’s journal, Abü Nazzara Zarqa (The Man with the Blue Glasses), also published in exile from Paris, and how the Mahdïya affected Sanü`a’s presentation of Sudanese characters.

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A Different Shade of Colonialism: Egypt, Great Britain, and the Mastery of the Sudan by Eve M. Troutt Powell

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