By Karl Knopf

ISBN-10: 1612432336

ISBN-13: 9781612432335

Follow this system during this ebook and attain the ripped, rock-hard abs you’ve continually sought after. The powerful workouts in Ab Wheel Workouts unharness the entire strength of this easy, compact piece of apparatus for excessive muscle development and speedy fats burning. With this booklet and an ab wheel, you’ll swiftly boost a powerful, lean body, including:
• Sculpted Abs
• greater Posture
• Toned top Body
• larger Athleticism

Packed with hundreds and hundreds of step by step images, truly defined routines and 6 innovative education courses, Ab Wheel Workouts may have you rolling your solution to a six-pack in no time.

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The vertebral spine is designed in a manner to provide optimal function and has three natural curves. The cervical spine (the neck) curves slightly forward. The middle portion of the spine (thoracic spine) curves outward. The lower back (lumbar spine) curves inward. Optimally, the pressures in and around the lower back region and pelvis are evenly distributed. Sometimes as a result of misuse, disuse or abuse, these curves become misaligned. When the spinal unit is misaligned, we set ourselves up for chronic back pain.

Therefore, even if you have abs of steel and can crank out 100 sit-ups, this may not mean you can’t overdo ab wheel training. Train smart, not hard! Introduce one to two exercises at a time, do the minimal amount of reps or duration and move on from there. Amend your routine periodically to avoid getting stale and in order to challenge your body in various ways. Ab Wheel Training Tips Using the ab wheel requires total mind-body interaction. Just pounding out sit-ups to the latest tunes is not what core stabilization training is all about.

My goal with Ab Wheel Workouts was to think outside the box to make training with the ab wheel more interesting. Ab Wheel Workouts strives to provide total core training, incorporating old-school exercise approaches, Pilates and yoga. It also includes some flexibility exercises. With the comprehensive ab wheel training routine set forth in this book you can focus on your upper abs and lower abs as well as the “love handle” area. Soon you’ll be on your way to better posture, a stronger core, and a fitter body.

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