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Protons 1 0 0 - 4 0 0 MeV Normal and isotropic N e u f e l d e t a l . (1966) Semi-infinite slab NEU J 66 11. Protons 400 - 3000 MeV Normal Alsmiller e t a l . (1970). Semi-infinite slab ALS R 7 0 12. Protons 600 - 2000 MeV Normal and isotropic N e u f e l d e t a l . (1969) Semi-infinite slab NEU J 69a 13. Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 14. Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Beck (1970) Semi-infinite slab BEC H 70 15. Photons 10MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 16.

Sidwell and B. M. Wheatley, Br. J. Radiol. 42, 522 (1968). P. G. 01 to 500 MeV/amu in any Nongaseous Material, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory report UCRL-18127, May 1968. D. R. Stone and John H. Thorngate, The Development of a Spectrometer and the Measurement of the Neutron Spectrum from the Health Physics Research Reactor between 50 KeV and 450 KeV. Health Phys. 2/, 441 (1971). D. Theriot, Muon dE/dx and Range Tables, National Accelerator Report TM 229, March 1970. R. H. Thomas, Energy Loss of High Energy Muons, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory internal document UCID-10010, July 1964.

Linear energy transfer (LET) is the average energy locally imparted to the medium by the passage of a charged particle. The units of LET are normally keV per micron. Soon after the original definition was promulgated, it became clear that a limit had to be placed on the region in which energy could be considered to be locally deposited. This has been discussed by Madey (MAD R 67), who pointed out that in general the concept of linear energy transfer is different from that of stopping power, L^.

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