By Si Sheppard

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Actium 31 BC[Osprey crusade 211] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор: Si Sheppard Название: Actium 31 BC[Osprey crusade 211] Издательство:Osprey PublishingГод: 2009 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 40.7 MB Язык: английскийСтраниц: zero

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She certainly commanded the affection as well as respect of her people, with whom she was popular. She faced none of the endemic civil disobedience that had plagued her predecessors, and in fact the populace would have risen for her at the end had she not ordered otherwise. Her aptitude in a strictly military capacity remains indeterminate. The only occasion during which she commanded in a combat role was leading the breakout of her squadron at Actium. Far from being a manifestation of cowardice, as alleged in the Augustan historical canon, she in fact exhibited in this instance a capacity for coolness under pressure and for critical decision-making in the heat of battle.

But in general her strategy was to co-opt a powerful warlord, a specialist in the arts of war, to serve her interests in the field. She can hardly be blamed for backing the wrong horse - any objective analyst would have concluded in the aftermath of Philippi that Antony was the strongman she was looking for, not the stripling Octavian - but her choice to bind her fate to his would lead to the downfall of both. Cast of a portrait bust of Octavia Minor, from the Ara Pacis museum, Rome. Her beauty and fidelity epitomized Republican virtue in a postRepublican era.

Dio articulates this spin in a speech he puts in the mouth of Octavian himself on the eve of battle at Actium. ' Using Cleopatra as a foil was crucial to uniting the west behind Octavian's war effort. By extension, this required deliberately inflaming the most atavistic nationalistic and xenophobic stereotypes: Should we not be acting most disgracefully if, after surpassing all men everywhere in valour, we should then meekly bear the insults of this throng, who, oh heavens! ), who worship reptiles and beasts as gods, who embalm their own bodies to give them the semblance of immortality, who are most reckless in effrontery but most feeble in courage, and who, worst of all, are slaves to a woman and not to a man.

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