By Peter W. Hawkes (Ed.)

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This quantity includes evaluation articles protecting a extensive variety of subject matters in snapshot processing and research. the themes coated comprise picture research - which has united and harmonized a bunch of heterogeneous fabric; modern techniques to the Fourier remodel; quantity theoretic transforms, that are relatively beautiful for discrete, finite indications; using the Wigner distribution - which encodes either spatial and spectral info, for picture filtering; and purposes of the concept that of data strength. those updated surveys are meant to supply the reader with entry to the newest ends up in the super energetic box of photograph technological know-how.

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In view of Eq. The source encoding is a fan-shaped function, as shown in Fig. 23. To obtain lines of rainbow color spectral light sources for the signal processing, we would utilize a linear extended white-light source with a dispersive phase grating, as illustrated in Fig. 21. 23. A source encoding mask. WHITE-LIGHT IMAGE PROCESSING 43 broadband source encoding mask, image sampling grating, and fan-shaped sinusoidal grating, a color-substrated image can be seen at the output image plane. VI. ADVANCES IN IMAGE PROCESSING It would take a prohibitive number of pages to describe all the recent advances in white-light image processing.

Finally, Fig. 15 shows the visibility measure as a function of mean separation d for two values of sampling grating frequencies. From this figure, we see that the degree of coherence is dramatically improved in the Fourier plane by the insertion of the sampling grating. 2. a-Direction Coherence Measurement We shall now in this stage measure the degree of coherence in the a direction at the Fourier plane. J(Grn,,, ) FIG. 14. Plots of degree of coherence along the /I direction as a function of mean slit separation d for various values of input slit width D.

31) becomes where and the asterisk denotes the convolution operation. Equation (45) can be reduced to the form of 21 WHITE-LIGHT IMAGE PROCESSING By substituting Eq. (46) into Eq. (34), the deblurred image irradiance is found to be 16f3A3 Ib')(y',As) = ~ ~ ~ { @ ~ , ! :f3 I~')(y', As) = T x x { @ g , ! S . YU 22 Ci(u) A C(As) 1; dv ASW/2Lf + m]} f I)[-C(As) + m]} S:(m,As) a Si{n(2y’/W f I)[C(As) -Si(n(2y’/W and C:(m,As) a Ci[n(2y’/W f IIIC(As) + mi] -Ci[n12y’/W f III-C(As) + ml] Thus the spatial coherence requirement of an image deblurring process may be evaluated by using Eqs.

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