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98, fig. 39). . 206. , 9, n. 2. 207. Notably on the bandages on mummies from the Deir el Bahri cache. n (G3, 244: IV; 245: IX (Luxor temple); 263: I; 266: VIII (Luxor); 276: XII-XIV; 277: XV; 285: I-II). nn, even on this summary collection of evidence. 208. , 164 and fig. 60. 209. The importance of this title Royal Sister seems to have been overlooked by Montet and others. If, on his view, Mutnodjmet were mother of Psusennes I and thus wife of Smendes I, then she must also have been sister of Smendes.

311. Cf. Daressy, ASAE 8 (1907), 35, No. 133. 31z. , 68 and passim. 313. Epigraph, G3, z70, F; z83, C; MMR, 579. g. the daughter of Smendes 11 (Pylon X text). But one may note the. g~us and Isi~ in this epigraph, and the fact that, on her discarded coffins (61030, used for Nesikhons), Istemkheb daughter of Menkheperre was Chief of the Harim of these three deities. g. the yet-unknown wife of the pontiff Psusennes 'Ill'?

__ 222. At the inauguration of, or during the course of, the 'Renaissance Era', perhaps. 49 one Henttawy with the title 'Devotee of Hathor' in her cartouche, then (with Wente) one must make Psusennes I and his wife the son and daughter of Henttawy and a Theban pontiff and grandchildren of Smendes I and Tentamun (see § 42). But in that case, the 'Ramesses' element in the full name-forms of Psusennes I and Ankhefenmut remain an unresolved enigma. 223 § 4Z B. HENTTAWY, DAUGHTER OF TENTAMUN, APUD PINUDJEM I Of Tentamun, we currently have only two records.

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