By Christopher Haas

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Moment in basic terms to Rome within the old global, Alexandria was once domestic to lots of overdue antiquity's such a lot great writers, philosophers, and theologians -- between them Philo, Origen, Arius, Athanasius, Hypatia, Cyril, and John Philoponus. Now, in Alexandria in past due Antiquity, Christopher Haas deals the 1st e-book to put those figures in the actual and social context of Alexandria's bustling city milieu. as a result of its transparent demarcation of communal obstacles, Alexandria presents the trendy historian with an amazing chance to probe the multicultural make-up of an old city unit. Haas explores the vast avenues and again alleys of Alexandria's neighborhoods, its suburbs and waterfront, and points of fabric tradition that underlay Alexandrian social and highbrow existence. Organizing his dialogue round the city's spiritual and ethnic blocs -- Jews, pagans, and Christians -- he information the fiercely aggressive nature of Alexandrian social dynamics. not like contemporary scholarship, which cites Alexandria as a version for peaceable coexistence inside of a culturally varied group, Haas unearths that the various teams' struggles for social dominance and cultural hegemony usually ended in violence and bloodshed -- a unstable scenario usually exacerbated via imperial intervention on one aspect or the other.Eventually, Haas concludes, Alexandrian society accomplished a definite balance and reintegration -- a approach that ended in the transformation of Alexandrian civic identification in the course of the the most important centuries among antiquity and the center a long time.

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The precinct of the Caesarion eventually included stoas, a library, and gardens. On the seaward side of the Caesarion two graceful obelisks were erected, plundered by Augustus from Pharaonic temples at Heliopolis (figure 4). These two monuments would have captured the attention of travelers who had just passed by the Pharos and entered the Great Harbor, immediately drawing their vision toward the temple of the Divine Augustus. 16 Philo strikingly captures the central place these buildings occupied in the City's design: For there 15 elsewhere no precmct hke that which 15 called the Sebasteum, a temple to Caesar on shipboard, situated on an emmence facing the harbors famed for their excellent moorage, huge and conspicuous, fitted on a scale not found elsewhere with dedicated offerings, around It a girdle of pictures and statues in silver and gold, forming a precinct of vast breadth, embellished with portlcoes, hbraries, chambers, groves, gateways and WIde open courts and everything whIch laVIsh expendIture could produce to beautlfy It-the whole a hope of safety to the voyager eIther gomg mto or out of the harbor.

L More speClalIzed varieties of fabrics were also produced at Alexandria, which was noted for its manufacture of finely woven tapestries and garments. The poet Claudian and the monk-geographer Cosmas Indicopleustes both mention the fame of Alexandrian tapestries, and the Edict on Maximum Prices enumerates a type of Alexandrian fabric which Imitated more expensive garments from CiliCla. A specialized variety of sewing, known as "the Alexandrian mending," occurs in a rabbinic source from the early fourth century.

Evidence for this gymnasium, the focal point of Hellenism in Alexandria, does not extend m time past the begmning of the thIrd century. 30 However, the district around the Agora continued to boast numerous publIc buildmgs throughout the late Roman period. It is quite possible that the baths, lecture halls, and small theater located close-by at K6m el-Dikka were designed, in part, to take over the sOClal role formerly held by the gymnasmm. Beyond the two main gates of the CIty were a number of important extramural distncts.

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