By Ross Gilbert Arthur

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Just as you were poorly served in the matter of the spoon at YdoineÕs birth and are still upset by it, so I was treated villainously and shamefully at the CountÕs birth. I was more upset about it than I can say. In my anger, I ordained that when he married a wife and lay with her, as soon as he had done what pleased him, he would never again feel joy or happiness. He would die in sorrow within a year and nothing in this world could save him. It is necessary, in short, for him to die: he can never escape a wretched death in great sorrow and torment, with no hope of comfort.

She will never be free from great anguish as long as she lives. She has loved you, she still loves you, she pines for you and cries out for you so much that there is little hope of a long life for her if she is kept apart from you. I bring you letters about her sadness and your private love; they will tell you of the sorrow which will end in her dying for you. Ó (1765) When Amadas heard the messenger telling him of this disaster, he felt such great distress that he could not utter a single word.

She gave good proof of her love, as she grew pale and weak and her beautiful complexion turned gray. She was very nearly struck down by death; she had no comfort from anything she saw and all her heart was filled with sorrow. Her flesh clung to her bones, her tender face, once so colorful, became paler than ashes, and she felt pain in her heart and in her head. Amadas never endured more grief, pain or torment for Ydoine than she felt for him. (2569) One day the Countess was lying, pensive and distraught, thinking about her anguish, the state of her love, and the life of Amadas, for whom her heart was sad and weary: in a very short time she fainted seven times.

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