By Lavie Tidhar

ISBN-10: 0984553533

ISBN-13: 9780984553532

After Archangels materialise over the bloodbaths of WWII, they absorb place of dwelling in lots of the world's significant towns. yet what might take place if, greater than sector of a century later, whatever by some means controlled to kill those preferrred beings? Killarney is aware and, as an agent operating for the Bureau, a British corporation that is so mystery it does not formally exist, she unearths herself embroiled within the results as, one after the other, the Archangels die. Assigned to track a lacking cryptographer concept to have details at the murders, she travels from England, via France, heading for the frozen wastes of the USSR. yet there is an unknown 3rd get together motive on preventing her, and there is God, who additionally has an schedule. now not figuring out who's buddy and who's foe, and with just a short glimpse of a swastika on angel wings as good details, Killarney struggles to stay alive lengthy sufficient to glean adequate details to place jointly the items of the puzzle and entire what's, with out them, an very unlikely undertaking.

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In moments, a large tray of couscous with roast lamb and a thick vegetable stew was deposited on my table, together with a carafe of water. Recharging. I concentrated on the taste of the food, drank glasses of water. They brought me another carafe, and more lamb. When I felt as if I were human again I sat back, and after a couple of minutes a small pot of thick, dark coffee was put in front of me, together with a plate of honeyed pastry. I chewed on the sweet, flaking pastry and drank coffee and felt my mind return to something resembling functionality.

They wanted me and they didn’t want to let on. You don’t get calls from Oldham or anybody else at the Bureau asking you to come in unless they need you--but they were playing it very cool, and that had me worried. I walked down the corridors and ran into Berlyne coming out of the cipher room. “Meta,” went the speakers inside, a voice stretched almost to its breaking point, “Tron,” the sequence repeating, “Meta, Tron, Meta Tron, Metatron,” and I had to snap out of the hypnotic quality of the recording, and Berlyne shut the door, cutting off the noise.

Breathing heavily, waiting--they had already tried to kill me once tonight--but nothing came and the bartender was still dead at my feet and I had to get out of there. I worked my way around and down the alley and no-one shot at me. I followed it until it rejoined the main thoroughfare where bright neon lights lit up the night and busty girls tried to tempt bedraggled men into passing the time together--how much time depending purely on the price. Fear, because someone didn’t want me to find Eldershott and was actively trying to kill me before I did; fear, because they could have had my photo by now, they would know what I looked like and there is only so much you can do to change your appearance, the best thing is to get lost in the crowd, anonymous clothes and anonymous faces and stick to where other people are and blend in with them.

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